Bumper Repair Vs. Bumper Replacement

Feb 9, 2023

In the driving world, fender-benders are the most common reason of bumper repair. Most people do not think they need to worry about repairs unless the bumper hangs from the vehicle. From having minor dents and scrapes to more noticeable cracks, cars should be thoroughly inspected regardless of how minor the bumper damage may appear. In this way, this crucial structure ensures its structural strength.

The Importance of Car Bumper

Bumper Repair Specialists working in the Auto Body Repair Shop

Your bumper plays a crucial role in your safety while driving. It is designed to absorb some of the impact to minimize the intensity of the damage after a collision when you’re involved in an accident. As a matter of fact, it is the first point of contact with another car in a fender-bender situation. But when it gets damaged, its ability to protect the major part of your car is threatened.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your bumper fix as soon as possible:

It can interfere with insurance claims

Unrepaired bumper from your past collision could cause a setback when you process insurance claims. Fixing your bumper right away ensures the easy approval of your claims.

It can reduce the value

You may be tempted to turn a blind eye if you have minor scratches or dents on your car, as long as it works fine, takes you anywhere, you’re good to go. But when the time comes you need to sell it, those untreated scratches and dents may lead to rusting thus, making it a great factor to reduce the car’s resale value.

Larger concerns in your vehicle could be hidden

A car that has been in a couple of minor accidents but looks fine except for a little bumper damage can give you a false sense of security. It is important to have your car properly examined right away after an auto body collision because not all damage is visible. It’s possible for your car to be misaligned after an accident.

Dealing with Bumper Damage

Despite the fact that a bumper is designed to provide protection, even a simple crack can compromise its structural integrity. Aside from providing time for the airbags to deploy, bumpers are vital in low-speed collisions to prevent physical damage to the front and back of the vehicle. Your bumper may seem small, but ignore it and you may run into larger problems if another impact occurs. That’s why it’s important to bear in mind to repair or replace your bumper regardless of the severity of the damage.

Bumper Repair Techniques

Using simple repair techniques, minor damages such as scratches or dents can be repaired easily with the help of the experts. Small scratches can be filled, sanded and painted by an auto body repair technician while dents can be pushed out depending on their size.

Repairs are essential no matter how little the damage is. And in the case of minor cosmetic damage, repairs are appropriate. They do not affect the bumper’s protective structure, and they are relatively inexpensive. If the repair is difficult and time-consuming, however, it may be necessary to replace the bumper.

Bumper Replacement

Any deep scratches, cracks or larger dents that cannot be pushed out will require a bumper replacement if the bumper requires multiple repairs.

When the clips or tabs holding the bumper to the impact bar of the vehicle are damaged, repair or replacement may be a factor. If these pieces are damaged or broken, it is recommended to have the bumper replaced. A simple glue job is not sufficient against wet and cold weather and puts your bumper at risk of falling off while driving.

In order to install a new bumper, an auto body technician will need to remove the old one. It can be painted to match the vehicle’s color if necessary. The cost of replacing a bumper depends on the vehicle’s model.

Bumper Removal

In order to repair the damage, the bumper may need to be fully removed. Only a certified and licensed auto body collision repair technician should remove the bumper since many modern vehicle components are integrated into the bumper.

In many newer vehicles, decorative trim on the bumper must be removed before removing the bumper itself. Warning systems (back-up sensors, cameras, warning sensors), airbag sensors, and air intakes (some vehicles have cold-air intakes mounted on the front bumper) and any other modern features may be attached to the bumper and could be damaged when it is not removed professionally. To prevent further damage, bumpers should only be removed by licensed industry experts.

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