How Can I Fix my Volvo’s Dents from Hail?

Apr 21, 2024

Volvo Hail and Dent

Hail can be brutal in Dallas, putting your Volvo at risk of unsightly dents if your vehicle gets caught in the storm. While it might seem impossible to erase these unsightly pock marks, you can fix your Volvo’s hail damage using either a DIY approach, or by taking your vehicle to a professional hail and dent repair service. Here’s how the two approaches compare.

DIY Hail and Dent Repairs

If you want to save money on repairs, you can take the DIY approach. However, this comes with a warning that a) It’s a complicated process and b) You aren’t likely to see the best results. That said, you can follow these steps:

  • Assess the damage to see how deep the dents are to ensure they aren’t too deep and require professional repairs.
  • If the dents are minor, all you’ll need is a can of WD-40 and a plunger.
  • Spray WD-40 into the dent and use the plunger to pull the dent up and even out the body.
  • Work slowly so you identify all the dents and avoid damaging the paint or surrounding areas.
  • Step back and check the appearance of your car to look for scratches and chips.
  • Use your touch-up paint kit to cover up small spots of paint damage.

If you don’t see the expected results after the first two dents, you should consider speaking to a professional. Your Volvo is at risk of further damage when you take the DIY approach, which completely defeats the purpose of saving money. For severe, large dents, do not even attempt the repairs on your own. The method above won’t work, and you don’t want to resort to trying to hammer out the dents as this will make things worse.

Professional Hail and Dent Repair for Volvos

The professional route helps protect your Volvo while maintaining its value. You’ll see real results with a flawless finish that restores your Volvo to its original condition. However, you want to ensure you find the best hail and dent repair service for hail damage based on the following:

  • A Volvo-approved and experienced collision center that can perform the work efficiently.
  • Color match technology for a flawless finish.
  • Ask about the process and materials used to ensure they are familiar with the specific needs of hail and dent repairs for luxury vehicles like Volvos.
  • Look for a fast turnaround time so you aren’t inconvenienced without a vehicle for days or worse, weeks.
  • Ask for an estimate so you can compare centers and choose one offering competitive prices (keep in mind a luxury collision center will charge more than a standard collision center).
  • Ask for proof of insurance to protect your vehicle while it’s in their care.
  • Good reviews from past customers.
  • A good warranty and guarantee that backs up their work.

You can trust Ames Collision Center to handle your Volvo’s hail damage with exceptional customer service and flawless results.

Don’t delay, get your car looking like new again. Book your collision repair appointment with Ames Collision Center in Dallas today, and let our skilled technicians take care of the rest!