Signs of Land Rover Infotainment System Failure

Apr 4, 2024

Land Rover Discovery Car Dashboard

As the proud owner of a Land Rover, you know the joy of riding up a mountainside in comfort, pulling off the road, and getting that perfect picture of an eagle in flight, all while keeping up with the local news and checking in with your family. This gift of technology allows you to navigate rugged terrain comfortably and keep up with all the aspects of your life through convenience.

The hub of this technology, both in and outside the vehicle, is communicated to you through the infotainment system. When it works correctly, it keeps all the parts of your life connected. However, when it has issues, they stretch beyond how your vehicle drives. Here are a few of the signs of Land Rover Infotainment system failure.

Bluetooth and Phone Issues

Much of the technology in your Infotainment System is connected through Bluetooth technology. Sometimes, those connections can drop and need to be reset. Other times, issues related to updates may cause those connections to be lost or unavailable. There is also a possibility that a hardware issue has caused the Bluetooth connection to fail entirely.

Several significant aspects of your Land Rover Infotainment System rely on information from and connection to your smartphone. If there is a problem with the connection to your phone, you may lose some functionality or service. While that should not affect the driving ability of your Land Rover, it will undoubtedly affect your ability to call in and out of the vehicle and may affect any navigation programs it uses cell data to run.

Power Issues

When we experience problems with our technology, sometimes we overcomplicate things. It is easy to speculate about problems with connectivity and reception, especially when we drive off-road and off the grid. However, sometimes the problem is much simpler than that.

If your Land Rover is experiencing electrical issues, the infotainment system can stop working or malfunction completely. Like most technology in your vehicle, the Infotainment system runs on electricity. If you have a short, blown fuse, or other issue in the wiring that is connected to the Infotainment system, it will not operate correctly.

Power supply issues are also related to your vehicle’s electrical system. If you have a faulty battery or alternator, your Infotainment system will not have enough power to work and will likely not operate. Fluctuations in power supply can also occur, and these can cause damage to the system if they are not addressed quickly.

Software Issues

Your Infotainment system is a complex utility in your Land Rover. It not only requires power and special hardware, it runs powerful software as well. Sometimes, software can run into issues when it is not updated correctly. There are also times when new updates are not quite right and must be amended. Most of these issues are temporary and often affect your Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. Sometimes, the software update issue is not with your Infotainment system but with your phone. Regardless, these issues are often common, temporary, and frequently can be resolved inexpensively.

System Glitches

Beyond the issues of connectivity (both Bluetooth and smartphone-related), power supply, and software updates, you may also experience some general system glitches that affect other functions within your Land Rover. These can occur when parts of the hardware suffer natural wear and tear. They can also occur when connectivity, or especially power issues, have caused additional damage to your Infotainment system.

Regardless of the issue, it would help if you did not attempt to handle these problems alone. You may put yourself at risk of exposure to electric shock and damage to the Infotainment system beyond repair. You may also forfeit any warranty from the manufacturer that may guarantee repair or replacement costs. Your best solution, no matter the problem with your Infotainment system, is to take it to a certified Land Rover mechanic.

Land Rover Repairs at Ames Collision Center

If you are experiencing problems with your Land Rover Infotainment system, bring it to us at Ames Collision Center. We provide top-notch service throughout the Dallas, TX areas, including Addison, Flower Mound, Irving, Highland Park, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Lewisville, and University Park. Don’t let a problem with an easy, inexpensive solution develop into a significant issue for your Land Rover. We are here to help you maintain your Land Rover so you can live your life to the fullest.

* Land Rover Discovery Car Dashboard image credit goes to: Dmitrii Guldin.